Paul is a leader in all things homework related, and is responsible for a significant shift in the perspective about what constitutes effective homework setting and management. Paul’s insights into homework management, gained from his own teaching experiences in Australia, Spain, and now the UK, as well as being the father of three high school aged daughters, led to the creation of The Homework Degrumbler.

The platform is truly innovative, as it’s the only solution in the world that helps teachers distribute homework evenly whilst allowing for responsive homework setting. Up until now, teachers either used a schedule to prevent overloading, but compromised on responding to student needs as they arose, or set work responsively and potentially overloaded students.

With the increased understanding that homework offers a huge opportunity to assist students with retrieval practice, a particularly necessary practice in light of the changes to content heavy curricula, you are sure to be hearing a lot more from Paul in the future.

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